Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Samling Timber Malaysia strives to deliver superior financial returns to its stakeholders while serving as a responsible steward of the environment and a beneficial partner to the communities in which we operate. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint as we work towards zero wastage while engaging with local communities to understand and serve their needs better. We recognize that our ability to operate successfully as a business depends on strong, open and trusting relationships with local communities. We continue to support the development of society by providing local communities with job opportunities, skills and education as well as investing in community programmes to improve their livelihoods.


Timber operations, by their very nature can have an impact on the environment and surrounding communities. At the same time, the industry also delivers significant economic and social benefits to communities. We believe in the need to engage with, and support local communities by adopting an inclusive attitude – one that keeps communities informed about our sustainable practices and enables strong community input in our decision-making processes.

Our Community Engagement Programmes

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Fostering Deeper Connections

Our community engagement strategy is built on trust and integrity. We have a deep appreciation of—and the cultural competency to respond to—the history, cultures and social dynamics as well as the diversity of local communities.

We are committed to:

  • Respecting traditional rights, and integrating the perspectives and knowledge of local communities into forest management activities to enhance benefits and address impacts;
  • Building trust through early engagement, inclusive dialogue and collaborative processes to better understand each other’s perspectives and priorities; 
  • Collaborating with local communities to help improve their livelihoods and facilitate mutual economic opportunities; and
  • When necessary, seeking mutually acceptable processes to resolve concerns, grievances or requests.

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Samling Complaint/Request Flow Chart (ENG)
Samling Complaint/Request Flow Chart (BM)

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Community Liaison Team 001

Community Liaison Team

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Focused Dialogues

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Community Relations

Commencement of Operations

Commencement of Operations

Feedback (Grievances and Complaints)

Feedback (Complaints)

On-going Dialogues

On-going Dialogues

Focused Dialogues

We have a long tradition of engaging with local communities in the areas in which we operate. We hold focused dialogues to inform communities about our impending operations and address their concerns and needs. We provide assurances that our operations will have minimal impact on their livelihoods and the environment. 


We communicate with a high degree of clarity about the desired outcomes, indicators and steps to achieving them, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities in agreements and partnerships, mutual accountabilities and community support.


Our Agreements are negotiated agreements with local communities. These agreements, often the result of many years of engagement, document not only mutual obligations that are honoured but also the behaviours expected from our employees and contractors. They help reduce potential effects of a project on communities and their environment.

Community Relations

Our teams work in partnership with local communities to understand how our work affects their lives, their culture and their heritage. By doing so, we can respond to community concerns with deeper insight and work to optimise benefits and reduce negative impacts, both for the local communities and for the company.


Samling Timber Malaysia recognises that disagreements may arise in how we conduct our operations. Through all stages of our operations, we work to prevent and minimise impact – social, environmental and health and safety – in part by conducting monitoring in collaboration with local communities, and by following robust international standards and practices. We treat Complaints and feedback are addressed with the gravity the deserve.

We are committed to ensuring that matters of concern are thoroughly investigated to improve our operations. 

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At Samling Timber Malaysia, we are always ready to be a good neighbour and lend a helping hand to local communities. For us, it is about empowering people, uplifting communities, improving lives and bringing positive transformation. We contribute to local communities in a variety of ways including providing for their most basic needs – electricity, water, food, education and infrastructure.

Our integrated approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability creates value for the company, local communities and our stakeholders. We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and evolving our corporate social responsibility strategy to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable world.


Samling Timber Malaysia is committed to ensuring communication with various stakeholders is effective, clear, transparent, timely, regular and substantiative. Our ability to operate successfully depends on our strong relationship with stakeholders. This involves identifying the key stakeholders, understanding their issues and interests and managing their expectations. We also understand that every group requires a different frequency and type of engagement.

Below is a snapshot of our approach to engaging with various stakeholders important to our business.


We engage in regular two-way discussions with our institutional shareholders, host annual shareholder meetings, conferences and site visits. Our website provides the latest announcements, corporate news and in-depth information about the company and industry.


We are committed to developing and maintaining positive and mutually beneficial relationships with local communities wherever we operate. Our community engagement strategy is built on trust and integrity. We work in partnership with local communities to understand how our operations impact their lives and respond to their concerns and needs proactively.


We engage with our customers primarily through day-to-day personal contact via our sales and marketing teams. We also invite customers to learn more about our company on our website, at forums and on field trips, and we provide input at their request on topics such as procurement and certification processes.

Policymakers and Regulators

Our team regularly interacts with policymakers, regulatory bodies, industry leaders, non-governmental organizations, suppliers and the media through regular site visits, dialogues, forums and correspondence.


Employees are the most valuable assets of the company. The importance of human capital development is emphasized through training and development including health and safety in all aspect of performance. The employees’ well-being and their capability determines the organization's identity, success, and its sustainability.

General Public

Members of the public at large may engage with us through the “Contact Us” section of our website, which is routed to the appropriate internal experts for response.