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Natural Forest

Aerial view of Sarawak's natural tropical forest
Aerial view of Sarawak's natural tropical forest

Natural Forests

Samling Timber Malaysia 12 natural forest concessions in Malaysia are situated in the region of Baram, Bintulu, and Lawas, Sarawak. The Group adopts the highest standards and best practices across our operations in timber harvesting.

The natural forest is managed on a polycyclic system in which an FMU’s production forest area is divided into 25 to 30, and sometimes more, coupes, with one coupe harvested each year. This means that only a very small area of the forest timber license is under active harvesting in any one year – typically less than 3%.

Only trees above the allowed cutting limits are harvested. Trees that were below the cutting limits at the time of harvest, together with saplings and seedlings, will continue to grow to become the harvests of the future. This is  the sustainable cycle of perpetual regeneration and regular harvesting.