Health and Safety
Protecting our staff

Here at Samling, managers, supervisors and employees alike understand a joint responsibility is required to achieve and maintain high standards of health and safety.

Each operating unit has established a Safety and Health committee which not only ensures compliance to legal requirements, but also develops and implements enhanced health and safety strategies.

We conduct ongoing internal and external trainings for safety officers and staff, hold regular safety inspections, carry out accident investigations and have in place reporting procedures, while ensuring all employees are well-informed through the dissemination of our safety posters throughout our operations. We strive to:

  • Prevent all accidents and occupation diseases
  • Ensure staff are adequately trained in Safety and Health
  • Develop individual responsibilities for Safety and Health
  • Comply with legislative requirements
  • Promote continuous improvement on Safety and Health Standards

Our safety and security guidelines call on every employee and contractor working for the company to strive for incident-free operations and to manage risks to prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents. Safety and health responsibilities come first, last and always.

Barama foresters in their safety gears.

Safety and health campaign at Lana palm oil mill.



  • Fire safety awareness at Sarawak forest plantations