Community Skills Programme
Encouraging sustainable livelihoods

We empower local communities to develop self-reliant, environmentally-balanced living, while respecting their cultures, beliefs and the health and vitality of the forest.

In recent years, the needs of communities living in our concessions areas have evolved. Community Skills Programmes at Samling Global are about empowering people to create long-term, self-reliant, economically vibrant communities in the long-term. Once we have helped communities secure the basic needs, we help them develop skills and practical knowledge to encourage their sustainable livelihoods.

By teaching them to farm vegetables, grow fruit trees, tend to fish ponds, plant wet paddy and rear chickens and goats, communities gradually acquire the ability to share in the fruits of their labour and trade with neighbouring communities.

A number of pilot projects on agriculture and animal husbandry are already underway. When fully developed, these programs will enable communities to become self-supporting even when timber companies no longer operate alongside them.

We have been cooperating with local authorities, in finding other suitable partnerships to expand our Community Skills Programmes.